Understanding carpet fibers

The purpose of floor coverings is to provide a softer, more beautiful, more comfortable surface for walking, standing, and sometimes, sitting. There are many floor coverings available on the market, and carpeting is still the most popular floor covering in the United States. Made of synthetic or natural fibers bonded to a mesh backing, carpet is usually sold in 12-ft.-wide rolls. More than 90 percent of the carpeting on the market is made of synthetic fibers. Nylon is the most popular carpet fiber, followed by polyester and then polypropylene, or olefin.

Nylon is the most popular material for carpets because, among other things, it is highly resilient, over and over springing back after being crushed underfoot. Polyester is a soft synthetic fiber that holds its color well, meaning that it doesn’t fade easily, but this carpet fiber is very difficult to clean and has poor resiliency. To learn more about carpet fabric you can ask salesperson in carpet store or do your own research on the Internet.

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