How to cut your utility bill

Power costs are high and expected to continue to increase in the future. Take steps to cut your utility bill now and you’ll reap the benefits for years. So, what we can do to cut utility bills?

Obviously, the ideal way to reduce your utility bill is not using energy from utility company. Solar energy can be used to warm your house, while geothermal can be used to cool and heat the home. While these are great choices, this is not favorit option for most of home owner. Fortunately there are some easy ways you can do to cut that huge utility bill.

Installing Vent Covers in Not Used Rooms – In most homes, there are rooms that almost never been used. A very simple and very cheap way to cut your heating costs is to isolate those rooms from the rest of your home. To do this, you should close the vents in the room. The vents, however, rarely close well. To make the strategy effective, you should buy vent covers and place them over the vents. The covers are a form of plastic and keep heat from coming out of the vents. Next, close the door to the room in question and leave it. By using this strategy, you can effectively make your home smaller by excluding the square footage that has to be heated. The smaller the area, the small the amount of money to heat the home.

Sealing Your Windows – Windows are the single biggest energy wasters in your home. Your windows must seal tightly. If they don’t, heat will escape out of them causing your heater to fire up over and over. If you make sure your window fit tightly into the frame when closed, you can significant cut the utility bill. It sounds like a small thing, but it really ads up.

If your utility bills are completely out of control, there is something fundamentally wrong with your home. You need to go ahead and get an Energy Audit. An auditor will come out and inspect your home. They can then identify the problem, what should be done and provide other tips to slash your bill. Depending on how bad your situation is, an energy audit can cut your utility bill by 50 percent or more.

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