Bankruptcy Basics Information

Finding yourself in a difficult financial situation can be scary. Facing the possibility of dealing with bankruptcy can be even scarier, especially since most individuals or businesses don’t spend time making themselves aware of the legalities that go along with the process. Since many debtors are ashamed of the situation, they often fear asking too many questions regarding the process. As bankruptcy is one of the most important financial decisions a business or individual will ever make, it is essential to have correct bankruptcy information before getting starting with the process.

The federal court systems in the United States deal with all bankruptcy information and set the laws regarding the process. This does not mean that an individual has to go to Washington D.C. to file though, as each state will deal with individuals and businesses during proceedings. This may mean going all the way to the state capital though.

One of the most important pieces of bankruptcy information to know is that the courts don’t come to the individual or business to file, the individual or business goes to the courts. Simply by filing a petition called a Statement of Intentions, the debtor lets the court system know that they are applying for bankruptcy.

Just because a debtor files the Statement of Intentions does not always mean they will go all the way through the legal system. The courts will need to gather important bankruptcy information through forms that will need to be filled out by the debtor. These forms allow the courts to review a debtor’s credit history, list current creditors and the amounts of the debts, as well as current and past work history. From this the federal court system will make a determination as to whether or not a debtor can proceed with the court case.

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